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Catholicism Videos Very Popular

The Catholicism Series is a set of ten one-hour videos produced by an American priest and theologian named Fr. Robert Barron. Each video deals with an important theme in our Catholic faith. One episode explores the importance of Mary, for example. Another talks about how challenging it can be to understand the true nature of God. The series includes beautiful video of locations from around the world as well as insightful and often surprising commentary from Fr. Barron. This past fall, parishioners from Church of Our Lady got together to watch an episode a week for five weeks, and to chat informally about the issues raised.


Knights of Columbus Looking for New Opportunities and New Members


The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic men's fraternal organization that was formed originally to provide insurance for widows and orphans of deceased members. Since its founding, the scope of the organization has increased to include raising funds for charitable works, supporting vocations, scholarships, and being active in promoting Catholic values, such as the right to life.  Knights from the Church of Our Lady Immaculate form the majority of the membership of Council 1507, one of the oldest councils in Canada, which recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary.


Church of Our Lady Immaculate: Year of Celebration

On October 10,1888 with almost two thousand people in attendance, the Church of Our Lady was dedicated by Bishop Dowling of Peterborough.  Our church was built by the generosity, sacrifice and labour of poor immigrant settlers of Guelph.  Last year, the 125th Committee chaired by Joe Carere began plans to celebrate the construction of this church, with a focus on the spiritual, historical, social and inspirational importance of the church building and the parish community.