The Garden of Stewardship

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 1:15pm

            The concept of Stewardship shows that it extends to the soul, the arts, the mind, history, technology, politics, emotions, the planet, decisions, money, relationships, the body and perhaps others. If Stewardship consists of many gardens, then obviously it is something that needs to be planted (recognizing God as the source of all we have through prayer and thanking God for all those gifts), tended (cultivated and nurtured) and harvested (sharing with others and giving back to God.) The following acts of Stewardship suggest many different ways that we can be stewards. The garden of our soul is where God cultivates us. If we don’t allow God to cultivate us, our efforts at planting, cultivating and harvesting will be like gardens with little light, rain or other essentials needed for vigorous growth.

- attend adult religious education whenever possible. Good stewards learn more about God and their faith.

- read the readings for Sunday sometime before you go to Mass each week. God’s stewards recognize Sunday as the “source” of their week

- read the readings for Sunday at least once after Sunday during the week. Good stewards recognize Sunday as the summit of their week

- make some time in your schedule to regularly participate in a parish or neighbourhood faith sharing group

- take off your watch when entering church for Mass to symbolize this is God’s time (turn off your cell phone too!)

Gratitude arises in that space where our deepest longing finds the glass to be half-full rather than half-empty.