Refugee Council Update

Father Dennis Noon
Sunday, April 23, 2017 - 11:00am

            We are now at the six month period of sponsorship of the Saadoon family who have adjusted well to life in Canada. There obviously have been many challenges for them and everyone has worked hard in supporting the needs of the family who have settled in to daily routines, expanded their community to make new friends while adjusting to their new lives. The committee continues to work with the family in the areas of budget, education and medical needs. Saeed, the father, has begun a ninety day apprenticeship with Danby Products under the direction of Jim Estill, CEO who has offered many families the opportunity to gain work experience, be immersed in English and plan for future employment. We have reached the time in our sponsorship journey to help our family with the extremely important transition to independence. We thank all our volunteers and translators for their many hours of service. Without the hands of so many, the work of the Council would have been difficult. This ministry is a shared responsibility of the Basilica of Our Lady and Holy Rosary Parish. Special thanks to Ted Laxton and Dolores Bergin.